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Nowadays, given the fact that we live in such a changing world, we have the possibility to do so many things in order to earn money. We can be very creative, especially if we have a native talent. No matter if you want to make a full-time or a part-time living as an artist, you certainly have plenty of options. You just need to think out of the box and do everything you can in order to reach your goal. If you are in a lack of inspiration and you do not know exactly what to do, then have a look at the following ideas about how you could make money from creative art.

Selling Prints is a Wonderful Idea
Maybe you will think that you must be a photographer in order to sell prints but this is not true. You could print and then sell directly or you could try to do this by using an online service, such as Society6, which is absolutely great as it allows to sell prints with a very small commission in exchange. There are many painters and illustrators as well who can benefit from selling excellent prints of their artwork, and this definitely opens up the doors for fans who cannot reach the price point of the original piece of art. Therefore, this allows you to diversify the category of collectors you attract. Just like the site we mentioned earlier, there are others that sell a large range of products such as scarves, smartphone cases, and even backpacks with your artwork printed on them. An idea like this definitely deserves to be taken into account.

You Could Write an eBook
This is without a doubt another wonderful idea for making money. The only thing that this requires is creativity. You do not have to be a professional writer in order to do a great job. You can also be successful if you are creative enough to write a very interesting eBook. You could try to write about the basics of studio lighting or why not about underwater photography. With a good research and some creativity, you cannot be anything else but successful. Just keep in mind to look carefully for the perfect software that will help you design an amazing project.

Go for a Blog
A blog is also something that if it’s done properly it can help you earn quite a lot of money. Blogging is also related to creative art because, again, you must be very creative and write interesting stuff. If your blog attracts lots of followers then you will also earn money from advertising. However, what you need to do is to seriously think about what subjects you want to write and also not forget to upload interesting videos and pictures. For example, there are photographers, and not only, who run very successful blogs where they also advertise their workshops and eBooks. All in all, you can also do this, but make sure you are well informed before you actually go for a blog.

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