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Those who are interested in art should definitely visit London, a very beautiful city from many points of view. This is the perfect location for artists to display their amazing works of art. Therefore, if you want to see famous works of art and not only, then this city is the right location for this kind of stuff. Here are some art exhibitions and events in London that you must not miss while you are in England.

Michael Jackson : On the Wall – National Portrait Gallery
If you go to London on October, then at the end of this month, you will have the chance to see an amazing art exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery that includes artistic reactions to Michael Jackson, and not chintzy nostalgia. This event is without a doubt a fantastic example of using art in order to decode and also uncover myriad concepts. All in all, the exhibition is about the incredible impact that a person can have on the world. One thing is sure you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Lee Bul – Hayward Gallery, South Bank
This art exhibition represents several imagined futures overflowing with history and culture as well. The images that are presented here show the future and the worst part of it. It is true that this exhibition shows lots of beauty, but there is also lots of threat. However, an exhibition like this will certainly impress you. Keep in mind that Lee Bul is held between July and August 2018, at the Hayward Gallery, in the South Bank area.

Notting Hill Carnival
In terms of events, London certainly has plenty to offer. One of the most amazing events you should not miss is the Notting Hill Carnival. This event is held between August 25th and August 27th. The streets of Notting Hill come alive on these three days. Joining the extravagant parade is without a doubt an incredible experience that you must try. In case you travel on your own, and you need some company at this carnival, and not only, you can take an escort with you. In this big city, you can easily find one, because there are lots of london escorts agencies like that provide professional services.

Changing the Guard – Buckingham Palace
Changing the Guard is another iconic event in London that you must not miss. This event is also called Guard Mounting and lasts around 45 minutes. It takes place outside the Buckingham Palace, and it starts at 10.45 AM. The New Guard comes to replace the Old Guard in a formal ceremony accompanied by horses, police, and music. The Queen’s Guard is actually formed of soldiers on active duty, and they wear traditional red tunics and the famous bearskin hats. This is a free event and extremely popular. In case you decide to go, you must make sure you arrive quite early in order to find a spot with a good view. All in all, the whole event is an iconic one for England, and especially for London.

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